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Open and enclosed flute, but also flute in flute in ultra-light corrugated board of 10x10 cm up to 245x200 cm. PilloPak offers it all, in B, C, E and F-flute and even in the innovative S-flute, a type of flute that provides you with optimal stability of your products.

Die-cut products

From small up to large, from ultra-light up to heavy. Our die-cut machines are state of the art. PilloPak makes use of the most advanced die-cutting technology. We can supply our die-cut products completely separated, in open as well as enclosed flute, for quick processing.


Our modern machinery almost always offers you a solution for your packaging challenge:

  • complex fold constructions up to 6-point glued
  • conical trays
  • open flute sleeves with or without window



Tissue paper, silicones paper, PE, PP and PET-laminates, grease and moisture barriers, 3D-embossing, special anti-scuff coating and printing possibilities up to 10-colors… In corrugated board this is almost always a big challenge, but not for PilloPak. We have refined our technology in such a way that we are able to provide you with the one packaging solution in corrugated board.