• Luxury Packaging

Where luxury packaging is concerned, we are facing a number of requirements: during transport your product must be optimally protected against any form of damage. PilloPak offers diverse solutions in the market for luxury perfumes, cosmetics and gift packaging.

All of our packaging is custom-made in order to meet the demands of your product, the brand perception and the buying experience of the consumer.

Perfume- and cosmetics liners

PilloPak develops both inlays and complete packaging for your perfume and cosmetics products. For the purpose of a notable and unique product introduction special types of paper and processes are possible. This also applies for an optimal protection of sensitive products.

Obviously we take the automatic or manual processing of these products into account. PilloPak attaches great value to optimization of your processes and we use as little material as possible in order to enable you to minimize your packaging costs.

Our inner packaging offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic inlays.

PilloPak is service-minded, makes all of its developments in-house and is able to assure quick delivery, also where small series, test series and samples are concerned.