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PilloPak is a specialist in customized packaging solutions for the food, cosmetics and industry sector, produced from light-weight corrugated board. Your packaging issue is our challenge; we will be happy to develop the best and most sustainable solution, with you and for you.

In our own development division, all disciplines are present for the most diverse packaging issues, for a specific design, either graphical or shape, a certain material combination, a first sample or a pilot run for a line check.

Also for organizing a brainstorm or creative session at your place, to find the solution for your specific packaging problem, PilloPak is your ideal partner!

PilloPak looks beyond

With all our experience, knowledge and expertise we study the product to be packed, and also your product’s journey to its destination and the way the product will be unpacked.

PilloPak will gladly think along with you about improvements and optimization. Our own design team will sort out distinctive packaging solutions, while taking cost optimization into account. In other words: how can we make the packaging smarter and different.

Creativity, innovation and speed are the three pillars, as also our greatest strength. Our industrial experience is immensely wide.

List of demands

It begins with the inventory of demands. Subsequently, a list of demands is defined. The vulnerabilities are carefully analyzed and mapped out, after which we make a proposal. Together with you, PilloPak rates the construction, which not only needs to offer perfect protection, but also a solid and professional appearance. At the same time we assess handling speed, packaging capacity and ergonomics. Also parameters like mechanical issues or extreme climatic conditions are considered.

PilloPak has various types of corrugated board in its program. If need be, we specifically adjust the thickness and composition of the corrugated board conform the requirements of your product, to get to its destination undamaged.

Material/machine concepts

Our service is not limited to the delivery of the desired packaging construction, we can also offer you complete material/machine concepts.


  • Partnership
  • Flexibility
  • Sustainable
  • Quick (mostly free) delivery of 0-series; often within 48 hours!
  • Format graphical design
  • Concept development
  • Consultancy
  • Assistance and implementation of material/machine concepts