• Non-Food Packaging

The wide range of corrugated board packaging of PilloPak is excellently suitable for the industrial market. The optimal flute height of your industrial packaging, the cutted-lines and perforation in the flute make sure that the cardboard can easily be folded around corners and sides. Depending on the application, PilloPak can deliver the corrugated board in rolls (2 or 3 layers), formats or sleeve, as a die-cutted packaging, with or without print. Furthermore we can provide the corrugated board with specific properties, such as a grease-resistant and moisture-proof coating or shock absorbing qualities. 

Shock absorbing

Soft-Well® of PilloPak is an example of a shock absorbing, eco-friendly transport packaging made of corrugated board, which, at the same time, offers soft protection. Scratch sensitive products like gloss furniture, doors, glass, china, ceramics and coated materials are additionally well protected by Soft-Well®.

PilloPak can also deliver the corrugated board as a protection and eco-friendly padding material for your product, from the roll.

Together with a network of engineering consultants and machine constructors, we are working on a number of innovative packaging concepts to pack the corrugated board products from the roll. E-commerce packaging with use of our light-weight material offer unique opportunities to reduce weight and also costs.