Customization through innovative design of the exact material that your product requires functionally: PilloPak offers innovative solutions made from corrugated board for non-food, luxury, as well as products for direct contact with foodstuffs.

If you are looking for rolls, formats, die-cut products, tubes, conical trays and creative box constructions, with or without a window, PilloPak is the right partner for you.



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PilloPak produces customer-specific solutions in light-weight corrugated board for non-food as well as food. With our wide range of paper we offer solutions in the area of protection, baking, freezing, grease resistance, scratch protection and many others. 




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PilloPak has its own development division, where all disciplines are present for the most diverse packaging issues. Whether it concerns a specific design, both graphical and shape, a certain material combination, a first sample or a pilot run for a line check.

PilloPak is also the ideal partner for the organization of a brainstorm or creative session at your location, to find the solution for your specific packaging problem!

We will gladly think along with you, and from our knowledge and experience we can properly advise you about the best packaging for you.


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