• Food Packaging

PilloPak is your partner if you are looking for direct food packaging solutions. Whether you are looking for ovenable trays or the perfect primary packaging for your biscuits, PilloPak offers the best custom-made solutions made of lightweight corrugated paper.

We are a BRC-IoP certified manufacturer that offers you a wide range of high quality FSC-certified papers made of primary fibres to minimize the migration of unwanted substances. Our solutions are 100% recyclable/compostable and therefore perfect for sustainable packaging solutions and as packaging alternative for plastics.

Industrial baking, meat processing, fruits and vegetables trading, airline catering and convenience food are just a small range of industries we have developed custom-made packaging for.

Have a look at some of our paper packaging solutions of ovenable trays, rolls, sheets, wrap- and snack packaging below if you need some inspiration or contact us. 

LockWell (compartment packaging)

The specially developed LockWell® construction is ideal for packaging cookies. The clever folding construction forms compartments in which the cookies can be packed separately from each other. This packaging is a good alternative to the current plastic blister packaging.

German Design Award

We are happy to announce that our LockWell paper tray has been awarded a German Design award. The winning design has 6 compartments and is a sustainable alternative packaging solution to an A-PET plastic tray. The paper tray is very lightweight and reduces the packaging weight by 3,6%. Also the packaging volume is reduced with 20%. In addition to that, the LockWell paper tray gives the customer a cost saving op 15%, which makes it a perfect alternative to plastic trays. 

Jury statement: The completely recyclable LockWell paper tray is significantly more sustainable than comparable solutions made of plastic and also less expensive.

Cookie packaging

In addition to the special LockWell construction, there are plenty of other possible packaging constructions to package cookies and cake. From simple and straightforward, to specially shaped packaging with an extension function, there are countless possibilities. Our packaging advisors (link to advice) are happy to think along with you to develop the best packaging for your product.

Snack and take-away packaging

For packing snacks, our lightweight corrugated paper is a suitable material. By applying a special greaseproof paper, the packaging remains in good condition. It is even possible to heat the snack in the oven, because we can use materials that can be heated up to 220°C in the oven. Finally, the characteristic wave of our material ensures that heat is retained and the snack stays warm longer. This makes our lightweight corrugated paper a perfect material for take-away packaging.

Bread and pastry packaging

Due to the good grease-resistant properties of our material, it is very suitable to pack bakery products. A baking tray or base for cakes and pies, a practical transport packaging for doughnuts and muffins or a presentation packaging for a luxury bread, corrugated paper can be used in many different ways.

Fruit and vegetables packaging

For packaging fruit and vegetables, corrugated paper is a very suitable material. Because of the three layers of paper, it forms a sturdy packaging that is still light weight due to the corrugated structure. Moreover, paper is a natural material, which contributes to the healthy experience of the customer. In addition to creating easy portions, a packaging of our corrugated paper thus makes a positive contribution to the appearance of your product.

Other packaging forms

The packages shown above only reflect a small part of the extensive applications and possibilities. Our packaging advisors are happy to think along with you to develop the best packaging solution for your application. Please contact us for the possibilities (link to contact).